Snow Crash

I feel that this picture can tell me a lot about the Japanese soul.


My plan for today is to leave Tokyo by train. With some delay I get to Shinjuku to take one of the outbound trains. When I reach the platform only local trains are posted. I notice the red Kanji. Today no outbound line operates from here. I go for a walk. I see people dealing with the snow as good as they can.


I walk on a tricky mix of compact snow, more than ankle-deep puddles and water on plain ice. Walking the streets feels like an expedition.


Crossing the street is a challenge, sometimes more …


… sometimes less.


I find myself close to the Meiji shrine. Why not have a look? The access road is reduced to a narrow slushy path, with an occasional avalanche from the trees above.


I change my plans and return to Shibuya …


… where everyone deals with the weather in their own way.


I reach Shinagawa. A long list of JR Lines crawls down the screens, all in red, all currently out of service. I see no way to reach any of my destinations this way, so I decide to take the Shinkansen that seems to be still operating. I am not the only one with this idea …


I estimate the waiting time to be somewhat more than an hour. I go home …


… and have dinner with friends. I try again tomorrow.


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