The Third Planet

Vienna Calling

A year and a half in the same city. In small gradual changes everyday life has turned me into a local … I think. Routine has replaced exploration. I know my way around. Uncertainty seems restricted to the surprises of public transportation.

Somehow this reminds me of a fairy tale. The one with the frog and the prince. Has the kiss of a sedentary life transformed me?




… posts. Why am I still here?


It began with a promise. I knew how difficult it is to stay in touch when distance and time zones interfere, when you follow fundamentally different schedules and routines. I said Goodbye to friends, family and colleagues. Many times making the same promise that is so easily given, and so hard to keep, that in its most basic form sounds something like … I call you.


Stranger in a Strange Land

It seems that we have run out of undiscovered lands and uncharted oceans. Technology has made the planet accessible. Only the remotest and most hostile places still hide their secrets. Where we cannot go, probes have. Discovery is a channel. Transportation is cheap. We can visit places in high-resolution, in 3D and in virtual reality, before we actually get there.

The Age of Travelling into the Unknown has passed.

Has it? …

… or are there some explorers left?



Here be Dragons

Many words follow.


Sometimes it is a thin layer of gold that separates inside from outside, sometimes it is fear. Truely leaving can be scary, especially if you are heading for the unknown. Two years ago I truly left. I did not know when I would be back. I did not know if I would be back. I was scared. I was heading for the unknown.

I guess, a true journey asks a question. And the world answers.


Here is what it told me. (more…)